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aboutWho knew a Christmas gift nearly 10 years ago, would grow out of its garage phase and into a business adventure? Jack Hatley received that gift from his wife and business partner, Francine, as an ideal hobby. Discovering that he had a knack for making great tasting beer, Jack realized he could make this hobby his dream career. So, with the support of friends and family, Jack and Francine started Whiskey Ridge Brewing Company.

Whiskey Ridge Brewing Company is located in Arlington WA and tries to have at least six taps accommodating a wide variety of tastes. Craft beer lovers will be able to choose from the following: pale ale, Irish dry stout, oatmeal stout, kolsch, and two seasonal. Two of these taps will be rotated with other local brewery offerings.

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  1. My brother-in-law and I are going up to Darrington this Friday August 15th for lunch and a beer and were hoping to sample your beers. Since you are not open Friday’s are your beers, especially the stout and porter, available anywhere else in Darrington?

    • Hi Bob, we are starting to open every other Friday. Sadly, at this point, we aren’t selling outside the brewery yet. Working on that, though.

  2. We have your open mic listed on openmicseattle.com. It says Sundays. A customer told us it’s on Fridays now. Pls login and make the changes. Thanks.

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