We’ll be closed today and tomorrow, September 1st & 2nd

But we’ll be back on Saturday, September 3rd.

See you Saturday!

2 Comments on “We’ll be closed today and tomorrow, September 1st & 2nd
  1. So I have tried to sample your beer at least 10 times and you are always closed. I don’t get to Arlington much, about 5-6 times a year. Your hours on the website don’t match what is on the building, maybe you should update that. It’s not just about the beer, you have keep people in the know when something changes. I will no longer even concider going to your brewery, you are a poor business own who doesn’t care about the customer.

    • Jeremy, I’m terribly sorry that we didn’t get the website’s hours updated. We understand your frustration. We did just update the hours.

      You’re right about keeping people in the know and aren’t happy that we let you down.

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